Good Intent Media is a pretty new company, set up in 2023 to write and produce audio dramas and podcasts.
We love audio/radio. You can conjure up an entire world in people’s head, and they can still get on with the ironing, or jogging or whatever.
We currently have a sports podcast in production and now our first radio drama “The Maiden and The Dragon” (6 x 30min episodes).

Audition for “The Maiden and The Dragon”

DragonThe main character is a 13yr old called Marian, featuring in 42 of the 60 scenes. She is a girl with a 21st century attitude. Unfortunately, for her, she lives in a small village in Northumbria, in 14th century medieval England. She longs for life to be different. And then, one day, she discovers a strange creature down the village well that will change her life forever.

We want this drama to sound as authentic as possible, so we want to find 9 actors (7 adults + 2 children) with genuine accents from the region.
The play is set in a small village called Harroton*, on the River Wear, just outside Chester-Le-Street. You don’t have to be a professional actor, in fact, you’re probably not. You enjoy acting when you get the chance, maybe with a theatre group, maybe in a local community hall, or perhaps you’ve never even plucked up the courage to give it a go in public. So, this is your chance. This is all about your personality and your voice, not your CV. One of the great things about an audio drama is, you don’t have to memorise the script, you can just read it! Though practice is good.

The venue for the recording is a large cottage in the East Sussex countryside.
You must be available from 19th to 26th July inclusive, though some actors will only be required for a few days in that period.
Your travel, accommodation and food is all paid for, plus there will be a £50 daily fee. Think of it like a fantastic holiday where you get to record a play too. We want to have all the actors together in one place to help create a connection between everyone that will bring the play alive.

HOW TO AUDITION – Follow these steps, in this order
1)   View/Download the relevant audition script by clicking on the relevant character or character group you want to audition for.
      PLEASE NOTE, to audition for the ‘Family Group’, you must be an actual family and your audition recording must show each of the family members (mum, dad, daughter, son) auditioning together. Individuals cannot audition for this Group separately. For the five other roles, two of the actors will be sharing a room, so you must be an actual couple or friends. This is because there will be some room sharing at the recording venue.
2)   Record your audition on your phone. On your recording, first say your name.
3)   Upload it to this Dropbox folder (can take up to a minute to work due to large file size), or upload it here: WeTransfer
4)   Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and hit ‘SUBMIT’

Actors inc. age range required

  • AUDITION PIECE – Family Group
    • “Ranulf” – 35-50yr old male
    • “Charlotte” – 35-50yr old female
    • “Marian” – 14-15yr old female
    • “Alexander” – 11-12yr old male

Please note, accommodation availability means that two of the roles below will be sharing a room during the recording. So, ideally, you will be a couple or friends.

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